Fish Tale #1

Those who know me well understand the importance of fishing in my life. Whether on the hunt for pickerel or bass (or the omnipresent pike that always manages to get in the way), fishing gives me time to clear my head and recharge the battery.

I have often thought there are a lot of parallels between fishing and the science of marketing, business development and sales. A successful fishing trip (with your limit of fish!) is like bringing the sales cycle to a successful conclusion – whether you are selling BPO services, life insurance or widgets. For instance, you have to plan; know your industry; identify your target accounts (and get to know them); clearly understand how your products and services can help them; know your sales cycle; be persistent; and have patience.

Successful (fun!) fishing trips are based on:

  • Knowing what you want to catch (target accounts)
  • Identifying the lakes or rivers where the fish are (where the target accounts are located?)
  • Knowing the weather conditions (the state of the industry and economy, etc.)
  • Having the right bait (products and services)
  • Effective presentation (knowing how you will take your products and services to market)
  • Patience (that speaks for itself)
  • Having the right fishing partner (your team).

Yep, you have to know you will always catch a pike along the way (you can’t win them all)!

Fishing, as in business – if you don’t properly prepare and execute, the results will be less than anticipated.

Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Rob Baboth says:

    Great site…..very strategic and timely information!

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