Expert Services for the Life Insurance Industry

1. Advisory Services

When your existing plans are not producing the results you want, M. A. Nurse and Associates will help you


The foundation for many of our services.

  •  Objectively troubleshoot the issues
  •  Develop potential turnaround solutions
  •  Identify appropriate action plans
  •  Address change management concerns
  •  Implement them

When you need to consider new markets, lines of business, products and/or distribution channels, we will help you

  • Identify and review available options (including a risk management assessment)
  • Select a path that makes sense for you
  • Develop action plans
  • Implement them

Whether an important project has stalled, or you do not have the right resources to move new projects from start to finish, we will

  • Implement your action plans that support your strategy, establish accountabilities and timelines, and measure results
  • Provide experienced oversight and project management services to ensure your plan or strategy rolls out as expected
  • Address change management concerns
  • Mentor, coach or train staff

2. Interim Management Services

The demands of your business don’t stop because a key person is gone, and it takes times to find a competent, long-term replacement.  We help by ensuring the continuity of management activities:

  • Move critical projects forward
  • Maintain day-to-day decision-making
  • Supervise management and staff

3. Vendor Search Services and Databases

In today’s complex life insurance marketplace, you want to reduce costs, provide competitive, profitable products, and deliver a superior customer experience. We have a vetting process for vendors and databases that will ensure a “best-fit” for your unique needs.

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