Vendor Search Services and Vendor Databases

The complexities of the life insurance business, and best practices, demand that the services and/or technologies you acquire meet your stringent functional, technical and financial requirements.

Whether you’re assessing/acquiring outsourcing services (tactical or end-to-end business process outsourcing [BPO]), or a specific technology (via software licencing or Software as a Service – SaaS), M.A. Nurse & Associates will help you navigate the vendor marketplace and shrink the time frame between identifying and filling your business needs with its:

  • North American Vendor Databases
  • Vendor-Sourcing Tools and Processes
  • Project Management Expertise

And if you need preliminary work done on an anonymous basis, we can make that happen.

North American Vendor Databases

  1. Policy Administration Systems:  North American providers, including those with Canadian installations, SaaS options, and data centre location(s),
  2. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):  North American providers, including those with Canadian clients,
  3. Straight-Through Processing for New Business (under development):  Our focus is on technology and/or service providers whose offering contributes to the automation of the new business process in a ‘direct to consumer’ model.

Vendor-Sourcing Tools and Processes

M.A. Nurse & Associates uses proven Expression of Interest (EOI), Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFP) so you can arrive at the best decision for your organization. A typical vendor search engagement covers a 4 month time-frame, and we will help you:

  • Crystallize your thinking around strategic options
  • Assist in developing a requirements document
  • Review the marketplace to find your “best-fit” vendors
  • Short-list and evaluate vendors
  • Arrange demonstrations and/or site visits
  • Check references
  • Make your final decision

Project Management for System/Service Implementation

When your decision has been made and you require implementation assistance, we will:

  • Work with the vendor to develop an implementation plan & schedule that makes sense for your organization
  • Assume the (client-side) lead Project Manager role for start to finish implementation

Note that Microsoft Word and Excel are generally used for documentation purposes (in lieu of Microsoft Project)


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